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Breaking Free: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As working mothers, we navigate a complex juggle, balancing the demands of our careers with the joys and responsibilities of family life. Yet, amidst this delicate balancing act, we often encounter an invisible barrier that holds us back: limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained assumptions or perceptions about ourselves, that are often formed through a combination of factors, including personal experiences, societal influences, and cognitive biases. More often than not, our beliefs about our capabilities begin to form in childhood based on our early experiences and interactions with caregivers, peers, and authority figures. Negative experiences or feedback can shape our beliefs about our abilities, worth, and potential. Most people experience limiting beliefs so it's perfectly normal. The question is, will you always let them prevent you from realising your true potential or will you challenge them in order to better achieve your dreams?

Limiting beliefs come in many forms, but for working mothers, they often revolve around doubts about our ability to succeed in both our professional and personal lives simultaneously. We may believe that we have to choose between being a devoted parent and excelling in our careers, or that we're not capable of achieving our goals while also nurturing our families. One common limiting belief for working mums is the notion that we have to sacrifice one aspect of our lives for the other. We may believe that in order to be successful in our careers, we must devote all our time and energy to work, leaving little room for our families. Conversely, we may feel guilty for pursuing our professional ambitions, fearing that it takes away from our ability to be present and attentive parents.

These beliefs not only create internal conflict, but also impact our behaviour and decisions. We may pass up career opportunities for fear of neglecting our families, or feel guilty when we prioritise our work over our children. Over time, these beliefs can lead to missed opportunities, unfulfilled potential, and a sense of dissatisfaction in both our personal and professional lives.

But it doesn't have to be this way. By recognising and challenging our limiting beliefs, we can break free from their constraints and create a more empowering narrative for ourselves.

One powerful way to overcome limiting beliefs is by questioning the assumptions that underlie them. Ask yourself: What evidence do I have to support this belief? Is there another perspective I haven't considered? By challenging the validity of our beliefs, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities.

Another effective strategy is seeking out counter examples – instances where our beliefs haven't held true or where others have succeeded despite similar circumstances. Seeing examples of women who have successfully balanced their careers and families can help challenge the notion that it's impossible to do so.

Finally, experimenting with new behaviours can help us challenge our limiting beliefs and expand our comfort zones. Actively engage in behaviours that contradict your beliefs – whether it's pursuing a new career opportunity, setting boundaries to protect your family time, or practicing self-care without guilt. By stepping outside our comfort zones and trying new things, we gather evidence to challenge and eventually change those beliefs.

As working mums, we face unique challenges and pressures, but we are also capable of incredible resilience and strength. By challenging our limiting beliefs and embracing a more empowering mindset, we can unlock our full potential and create a life that aligns with our values and aspirations – both personally and professionally. So let's break free from the constraints of our beliefs and embrace the limitless possibilities that await us.

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