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Travel: Jervis Bay Escape

You know what’s great about NSW South Coast? Obviously it’s the vast expanse of beautiful white sand beaches. What’s great about them in Autumn? You get them all to yourself. Hence, when the city got a bit too much, I packed up our things and took Thor on a road trip. Jervis Bay here we come!

Where we stayed:

Constellation, via Air BnB.

What we packed:

  1. Gum boots for both of us (rain was forecast, but doesn’t stop us!) which meant we had so much fun on the beach in the warm weather, even when it rained.

  2. A Wild Kit (these are so great for mums who travel with kids – check them out at ) which meant I didn’t have to worry about little extras like bandaids and sunscreen and practically halved my toiletry bag space.

  3. Oh, and a bucket and spade, obviously!

How we got there:

It’s only a three our drive, so I went right before Thor’s bedtime and he slept the whole way. Meaning I could focus and semi-relax with a bit of smooth FM without a frustrated toddler making himself known from the back seat!

Why Jervis?

I love Jervis Bay, because of the incredible combination of woodlands and beaches. Jervis Bay National Park is serene, expansive and beautiful. Everything you want when escaping the city. I found a little townhouse called Constellation, which for its location was really reasonably priced. The owner, Lauren, was super helpful: a crib and high chair were ready and waiting for our arrival and while the house itself isn’t huge, it is luxe and has everything you need. I loved that they provided all the linen, because it meant I had nothing I needed to do upon our nighttime arrival. Basically, we got there and went straight to bed in comfort… the holiday had started from the minute we walked through the doors. Worth noting Lauren was really flexible about the check out time too, which when you have a kid, is pretty bloody handy.

Friday morning brought with it the sun – despite the weather warning of a full weekend of rain – so we headed to the beach. First up, I wanted to check out Hyams, which I hadn’t seen in years so we jumped in the car. The nine minute drive was well worth it. Thor had an entire expanse of pristine white sands all to himself. It was idillic; our own little paradise. I think any other UK expats will agree with me here as it’s so unlike anything we get in the UK or Europe. If any writers are reading this, I highly suggest an Autumn trip to Jervis… it’s a writer’s dream come true. Story-inspiring woodlands and forests to get lost in, against a backdrop of a crashing ocean and vast almost-engulfing shoreline.

For mums, it’s insanely good. The roads are big and practically empty out of season. The beaches have little pool formations where kiddies can paddle and the sand is powder soft. I relaxed and unwound while Thor ran around and tuckered himself out.

My favourite spot?

Greenfield beach and picnic area. Combining everything you need for a full, fun day at the beach: a grassy picnic area in the middle of the National Park, complete with BBQs, toilets and showers you can choose between a walk through the forest on one side or sandcastles on the beach on the other. Either way you end up with one very tired child at the end of the day. Winning.

Overall for a three hour drive it makes for the perfect weekend getaway, especially out of season. Now we’re back in the city and it’s all go, it makes you realise how nice it is to stop now and then. Although let’s be honest, with a toddler in tow, you never really stop.


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