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7 Realistic Ways to Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Christmas is just days away and we all know it’s easy to go crazy on an overload of sugar spice and all things not so nice. This Christmas, be kind to your body and take a minute to be thoughtful about what you’re doing and eating. Enjoy and take heart, there’s a few simple ways to ensure New Year doesn’t mean crash diets and juice detoxes!

  1. Eat before heading out. This will ensure you don’t binge on food that isn’t good for you, because you’re hungry. This way you can pick and choose with ease.

  2. Be selective. It’s a great time of the year to treat yourself, so do just that… have the things you really love, that aren’t available all the time; not just whatever is to hand.

  3. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals might seem like a good way to counteract treats, but it does your body no good and isn’t a good way to stay healthy. Breakfast is key. Make breakfast healthy at the very least!

  4. Drink with moderation. Alcohol, soft drinks, juices… all full of sugar that will add to the mince pie calories! Take it easy.

  5. Stay active. Get your fitness routines in wherever possible. Mornings are good, while everyone else is sleeping. Add in bits and pieces like walking to the shops or taking the stairs when the option is there.

  6. Get outside. Make family time outdoor fun! Christmas is a time for celebrating and sharing experiences so find ways to get out of the house and get everyone active.

  7. Drink a lot of water. Best way to stay healthy in general is to drink plenty of water. Up your intake for this time of the year when toxins and sugars are in abundance and you’ll get a head start on 2017!

Happy Holidays!


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