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Fast Styling: For Mums on The Go

I was talking to a colleague the other day, who looked stunning upon arriving to work. She always looks good, don’t get me wrong, but that day with a pair of high black heels, a killer pair of tight jeans and some red lipstick, I had to ask: “What’s the occasion?”

To which she said: I just needed to take some time to be me today, and not just the me I’ve become since I had kids.

I’ve thought about this a lot since we spoke. I’m a firm believer in staying true to oneself after becoming a mum. But more than that, the way we look is bound to have a direct affect on how we feel each day and what we believe we are capable of. Believe me, some days I just want to show up for the day in sweats. But I don’t, because my team’s and coworkers’ trust in me is proportional to the way I present myself.

Whether you run a household or a Fortune 500 company, it’s the same — there is scientific evidence that looking your best makes you more persuasive, confident and successful. – Cynthia Bowman 

As a busy single mother, I have a strict routine in place for me and my son. He’s always been an early riser and so while that does mean I lose sleep, it also means I get time in the mornings to get us both ready! I call it pottering time. Time where I can look through my wardrobe and stare at clothes until something jumps out at me. Time I can take to style my hair and still sit and have breakfast with my son.

It’s something I have perhaps taken for granted. So I did a little research for those who don’t get as much time each day and here’s what a celebrity stylist had to say about “Fast Styling”. Here’s some of her advice…

Fast Styling Tips:

Here’s a little secret — looking beautiful doesn’t require a big change or a lot of work. All you need is to make some time for yourself to raise your style game. – Cynthia Bowman 
  1. #1 Unclutter your wardrobe: The role of an uncluttered closet in your style game cannot be over-emphasised. Get rid of anything you no longer wear or should no longer wear. Be ruthless with this. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it goes!

  2. #2 Have a uniform: Simplify your morning routine, avoid fashion mistakes and save time getting dressed by finding yours. Think about who you want to be. Find a style icon that inspires you, she can be a character or actual woman. Think about her when clearing your closet or getting dressed. Make a plan to easily look great all the time, even when going to the supermarket.

  3. #3 Find your signature feel good: I can relate to this one. Mine is always my go-to red lipstick! Here are some suggestions from Bowman… Great haircut, bold accessories, killer manicure, red lipstick, signature pearls, power handbag, hats, unique fragrance, sunglasses or the perfect pair of shoes.

So I can’t vouch for all of these, but I will definitely be decluttering my wardrobe this weekend. Hopefully something works for you guys.

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel



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