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Sweet Treats: Healthy Raw Snickers Bars.

I like to make deserts with my son. Cooking is a lovey activity we can do as a team, plus we love sweet treats - who doesn't? My tooth has always been particularly sweet and so my journey with learning about food required some serious changes, but as a woman and a happy one at that, I don't believe in denying myself things I like. I do, however, think we can be smart about it. Ben & Jerry's is reserved for special occasions, but my everyday go-tos are homemade and pretty bloody easy, because, well... who has time?

Ingredients & method:

  1. Medjool dates, soaked and then blended with:

  2. Peanut butter, and a little rock salt to make a caramel.

  3. Mix a portion of the caramel with some almond meal to make the nougat layer​​​​

  4. Layer the nougat and caramel with some peanuts, freeze until firm, then slice to make bars.

  5. Cover or drizzle in melted dark chocolate wth a high cocoa content

  6. Let it set again in the fridge or freezer, then snack away!

Healthy treats for us doesn't mean particularly low sugar or fat content, but it does mean good, whole, natural foods high in nutrients. For that reason, snack only, but snack with a smile!


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