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In Conversation: Doing it all as a Single Mum

Today’s conversation is a hugely inspirational business woman and single mother Kristy Campbell. Kristy has inspired me since the way we met. Her journey into motherhood hasn’t been easy, but every obstacle in her way she has approached with a sense of dignity and grace that is hard not to be impressed by. Plus she’s an epic mum. In this interview we discuss single mum life, anxiety, workplace communication and Kristy’s hindsight tips on the return to work!

We all wish we had hindsight, right? So hopefully for those of you out there watching or reading this it might give you that much needed reassurance that your decisions are the right ones.

For me a key takeout of this interview was around happiness and contentment. Are we always striving for perfection (ie a state of euphoria) and if so, are we setting ourselves up to miss the little moments of magic along the way.

I don’t think it’s about being happy all the time, it’s about feeling fulfilled and content.

Thanks to Kristy for taking the time to chat! I hope you guys enjoy. I know many of you will relate!


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