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Hair Hacks. Styles You Can Pull off in Seconds.

Who has time to create immaculate hair for work when a toddler’s hanging off your leg? If you do, please let us know how… if not, here’s some 20 second hair hacks that will make your life easier and make you look effortlessly polished.

Messy Side Bun. So quick and easy and the messier the better. What could be better than that? Just smooth flyaways around the face with some serum to ensure it looks like it was perfectly meant-to-be messy.

High Pony. Classic and beautiful, the high ponytail is always a winner, especially when we’re on third-day of no washing! To make it extra special, just twist a piece of the pony around the hair tie and fasten with a bobby pin.

Side Pony. This one is so simple, but often overlooked. To make it feel more corporate, with your index finger, simply make a hole in your hair above the band and thread the hair back in on itself. Automatic upgrade.

Braids. Side, back, half, low, high, french… however you wear a braid, you’ll always look cute and polished. If you’re adapt with self-branding, try a fishtail side braid for extra luxe-appeal.


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