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Love Your Life: Is it Time to Challenge Yourself?

We all want to love our life and we all strive to be happy. But with the busiest of lifestyles sometimes it can feel as though we are caught in the tailwind of something bigger than ourselves, just being dragged along for the ride. I read something on the weekend that got me thinking:

  1. Live ACTIVELY—take initiative,  create discipline, make an effort, change and grow beyond your imagination.

  2. or Live REACTIVELY in some bubble of false security, your comfort zone around you waiting to burst.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of living reactively, which I believe happens to the best of us in this crazy journey called motherhood. Setting ourselves new challenges each year that sit outside of parenthood and work might just be the answer. It might feel hard to fit anything else in, but for our own growth and peace of mind it’s important we make time for ourselves. The best mums are happy mums, after all.

How to challenge yourself:

Challenges are different from goals. Goals can be focused on any part of your life and should always be SMART so you don’t set yourself up to fail. These challenges should be something for you, to help you learn something new and get out of your comfort zone. They don’t always need to be measured; as long as you’re learning, it’s a win.

Whether it’s, getting fit, taking a class or even getting a diploma, there’s an abundance of ways to expand our minds and keep us in a pattern of healthy mental growth.

Don’t be limited by these, but here is some food for thought to help you challenge yourself:

  1. Take an online class in something you’ve always been interested in

  2. Learn Yoga or Pilates

  3. Take a pottery or an art class

  4. Get a boxing coach

  5. Learn how to meditate

  6. Sign up for a fun run… or Tough Mudder!

  7. Read a book a month… or a book a week!

  8. Learn how to rock climb

  9. Learn first aid

It’s no secret that challenging ourselves makes us more motivated, but here are some other reasons if you’re not already convinced:

The benefits of challenging yourself:

  1. Lose fear of the unknown

  2. Expand your social network

  3. Trigger creativity

  4. Find your passion

  5. Successful challenges give us a sense of satisfaction and contentment

  6. Unsuccessful challenges give us something to learn from

Challenge yourself this week. And have fun in that beautiful mind of yours.


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