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Stay At Home & Feel The Love This Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day makes a big impact each and every year. Even if you’re in the dislike squad, it’s all about perspective. The big day is all about love, right?  It doesn’t have to be all lame greetings cards, hallmark poems and bad chocolates. When you’re a parent, you have even more of a reason to feel blessed on a day based on love.

So if you’re staying home this Tuesday, here are our ultimate indoor ideas:

Before the kid(s) go to bed:

  1. Can you take the day off of work? If so, sleep in and watch movies in bed with your loved ones. That’s a pretty awesome Tuesday right there.

  2. Make a love jar (glitter optional) and write little notes to or with your little one to go in the jar. Notes can be about things you love about each other or your lives; things you’re thankful for. You can save this to read back next year!

  1. Make heart-shaped pizza

  1. Make heart-snapped cookies

  1. Eat pizza & cookies

  1. Eat Ice Cream, like it’s 1978

After the kid(s) go to bed


  1. First and foremost, turn off all devices. No social media. No telling everyone how great your night is and taking a picture of your heart-shaped pizza. No hashtags (#datenight). You can take the picture, but save it for the next day. Once you’ve ditched all comms, take a breath, relax and let the spoiling begin.


  1. Eat Ice Cream like it’s 1978 (yes this works before and after kid-bed-time. It’s ice cream. Enough said.)

  2. Watch a marathon of your favourite movies

  3. Eat a picnic on your living room floor – with said favourite movies. Set it up. Picnic blanket, candles, the whole shebang. Don’t forget the ice cream.

  4. Play a board game. Remember those?

  5. Write a bucket list. Lists are all kinds of therapeutic, and it doesn’t get more exciting than writing about the incredible adventures you have planned for your life.

Whatever you’re doing, remember you’re busy all the time, you never stop and you rarely treat yourself. If it takes a day like Valentine’s Day to get you to pause and reflect on how blessed you are, grab that day with both hands and give it a great big hug. It’s not about romance… it’s about love.


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