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Why You Should Stop Calorie Counting

I see a lot of fitness professionals bragging about their no-nonsense approach to losing weight. "Duh" they say. "Eat less calories than you work off. It's that simple. Live in a calorie deficit and you'll lose weight."

While this is very true, it's not new information and it's certainly not good information. Yes if you want to lose weight, calorie counting will do it. Eat less in calories than you use. Science, right? But what if I decide my calorie intake for the day is a Mars Bar? Or maybe some rice, a slice of toast with jam and maybe a protein bar. If I ate that consistently for a number of days or weeks, I am pretty sure I'd lose weight.

But here's the problem: you're going to be running on empty!

Losing weight shouldn't be solely and aesthetic goal. Goals should be bigger than that if you really want to achieve and maintain them. If your goals include wanting to feel good, have energy, spend quality time with your kids and excel in the workplace, while looking good, then calorie counting without paying attention to the benefits of the food you eat is not a good idea. As busy, working mums, we need to be mindful of what we're putting into our bodies in order for our body and brain to perform optimally. You get out (as they say) what you put in.

Here are what your body NEEDS for your gut and brain to function well:

  • Protein

  • Carbohydrates

  • Fats

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Water

The best way to get these things is from natural sources. Eggs, meats, vegetables, fruit, etc... If I eat a Mars Bar a day and not much else, I will lose weight, but will I be healthy? If you aren't giving your brain and body what it needs to function you'll slowly start seeing all the other ailments present themselves. Bad sleep, anxiety, stress, all of which will directly affect family, work and your general happiness.

So the good news is, I recommend ditching the calorie counting (hallelujah!) Be aware of your calorie intake, sure, but focus more on fuelling your body for your lifestyle. Give your body what it needs (along with the occasional treat) and it will thank you for it.

Top tip, try making your own sweet treats for when the cravings take you.

Disclaimer, this is not medical or health advice, just my opinion and you should always talk to your doctor or dietician if in doubt.


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