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The Importance of Getting Away from it All

Seemingly coming out the other side of CV19 (fingers crossed) one of the first things I did once restrictions were lifted was book a weekend away. Getting away from it all was paramount. My son and I live in the city and I love it, The trick to city life though, is balance. Nature is therapy in abundance. The more the better, I say!

But it’s not just city life, it’s life! As working mothers we are constantly balancing one-hundred different things. If you have been homeschooling whilst trying to work of late, you will have been doubly affected with the chaos of it all.

So, in case you need any convincing. On the off chance, unlike me, you didn’t hop online and book a weekend away as soon as it was legally viable, here’s why you should be getting away from it all:

  1. Quality time with loved ones: Quality is the key word here. You might feel like you have been truly surrounded by your loved ones for a long while, perhaps a bit too much. There are two ways to look at this, taking your family out of the home, away from their computers and really building some memories you can cherish… or perhaps if it’s an option for you, find a way to get a couple of days out, all alone. Whatever your jam, quality time with your loved ones or even yourself is much needed at the best of times, even more so now.

  2. A chance to really unplug: Life of late has been one virtual meeting after another. It would seem to me that people forgot how to use the phone. Every meeting was a Zoom meeting. This screen fatigue is more taxing than you might realise. Have you had any headaches? Trouble sleeping? This could be a factor. Screen fatigue can lead to impaired vision, strained eye muscles, neck and shoulder pain, bad posture and headaches. Left untreated, the symptoms are likely to get worse. If you are worried you have eye strain you should go get it checked. Here are some tips. A holiday can’t hurt though!

  3. Time to get perspective: Life is beautiful. Or so says the tattoo on my right arm. 2020 might have spun the world off its axis a little. It seems the news has reported one disaster after another. Time away will help your peace of mind and help you gain perspective. We talk about the importance of gratitude and perspective here. It is key to our mental health and wellness. Staring out at a view like this (thank you Blue Mountains) can aid this process. I promise!

So now more than ever, we need to look after ourselves. Getting away from it all can help. We live in an incredible country where each state has so much to offer. By taking a weekend away we can stick to social distancing and help rebuild areas affected by the bush fires, all while looking after our mind, body and spirit. Win, win.

If you are not looking after yourself, you won’t have the capacity to look after others. Have you thought about your recharge?


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