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Challenge: Stop Skipping Breakfast.

healthy breakfast

We all know that breakfast in an important, if not the most important meal of the day. You don’t need a nutritionist to tell you the benefits, I will bet you can give me a myriad of reasons why it’s a good idea without even consulting Google. And yet.

And yet as mums it’s the first thing to go by the wayside. It’s the first sacrificial lamb of our lives, we skip breakfast, and often, replace it with an artificial stimulant to try to convince our bodies and minds we’re fine. That’s right… the C word. Coffee. Now, I’m not going to bag out coffee, first up I want you to stay with me (I'm not stupid!) and second, I enjoy a morning coffee way too much to tell you to remove one of life’s simple pleasures. That said, I am going to ask you to have a think about the above paragraph.

Let’s break it down: Skip breakfast = starve your body of nutrients, vitamins and energy. Busy, busy, being mum and then corporate extraordinaire, all while body is starved of said nutrients, vitamins and energy. Drink copious amounts of coffee to create an artificial up, so you don’t think about food again until lunch, or perhaps even dinner. By which time, your brain is foggy, your gut is working overtime to give your brain what it needs to perform each task, you're probably emotional, and yet you expect to perform at optimum levels.

Seems backward right?

Imagine you start your day with a healthy, filling, and nutrient dense breakfast and giving yourself a better chance of success from the offset. Imagine feeling better, looking better and performing better just by spending a little time focused on this one simple thing.

So, what’s stopping you? Try challenging yourself this week by making time for breakfast each day. We’re not talking croissant at your desk or egg roll from the café downstairs from work either, we’re talking a before-you’ve-left-the-house, pre-planned healthy breakfast. You can find some inspo here for quick and easy, yet filling breakfast ideas. I encourage you to sit and eat it. Perhaps do it while your little one or ones are eating theirs and double breakfast as all-important family time.

If you think you don't have time, I encourage you to wake up 15 minutes earlier. Try it for one week and see if you feel any better, if your energy levels improve and if you generally feel better off.

Challenge extended…


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