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Water Bottles You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

For any busy working woman, hydration is key. What does your water bottle style say about you? Here’s our top picks for water bottles you won’t want to put down. The environment will love you too!

Water bottle style 1) Swell

Via Instagram @swellbottle

Sleek and clever; S’well is a beautifully crafted bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

Style 2) My Bkr

Via Instagram @mybkr

Quite possibly the prettiest water bottles we ever did see. They come in an array of colours – pastels galore – and they even come in 1 litre size for the mermaids among us.

Style 3) Ello

Pic via Instagram @elloproducts

Ello Syndicate – Perfectly sized for your car and gym equipment, Syndicate’s one-handed push button lid lets you pop the top without letting go of your momentum.

Style 4) Nava Kor

Via Instagram @kor_australia

Kor bottles feature an innovative hinged cap and threadless spout. The cap, hinge and seal have been designed to be completely leak-proof seal when closed. Plus they are definitely pretty. Check them out at @kor_australia


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