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Relieving Stress in Just 30 Minutes a Day

Relieving stress.

Life as a mum, can at times feel relentless. The other day, when my little boy asked for the same five minute scene in a dinosaur cartoon to be played back for the twenty-fifth time, I sat down and thought to myself, when will I get a break? Even when I do get a break – whether I go meet a friend, go for a swim or maybe a run, it never feels like quite enough time to regroup and energise myself.


We rush to get places, rush to get back, rush to be Mummy and then rush off to work again. In a nutshell, even fitting relaxation-time can end up feeling like hard work. The fast-paced nature of today’s society; of social interactions, media, relationships, motherhood and our careers, well, it can lead to a lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels. Relieving stress can be hard, so how do we busy-mums combat this?

The C word.

Coffee. “I can run on five hours sleep and a non-stop lifestyle, I’ll have a triple shot long black please.” And so the weeks roll on, until we burn out. Stress is no good. It’s no good for you and it’s no good for your little ones when that stress comes out in the form of a short-temper and a mum who’s too tired to play. So, what can we do? Slowing down isn’t always an option, but with just 30 minutes meditation a day, you can increase the quality of your sleep and help melt away a full day’s stress… recharging your batteries and setting you up for tomorrow’s success.

For those who practice Yoga, try an evening class before bed and for those new to meditation, below are some links to help you get started. If you don’t even have time for that, try it yourself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, in and out. Focus all your attention to your breathing. Focus on the cold air going in and the warm air leaving your nose. Practise this for few days and it’ll become much easier.

30 minutes is nothing – your health is everything.




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