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Fitness: Why Every Mum Should Squat

Keeping yourself healthy and fit, isn’t really optional when you’re a busy working mum. In some way or another, we are all out there trying to ensure we’re capable of performing the tasks of three (or four, or five) people in any given day. So if you’re a mum fitness is a must, but if you’re really struggling to find the time to focus on it, what is the top exercise you shouldn’t skip?

“One word,” says Strength Coach, Kev Toonen… “Squats. It’s the most functional movement there is. It’s also one of the most practical exercises you can do to see and feel real benefits, with or without weights. Ensure you are performing the move correctly and get it done two to three times a week.”

Aside from aesthetic benefits, here’s five reasons why we should all be squatting:

The circulatory system relies heavily on bodily movement to function properly, which is why exercise – including squats – is one of the best preventative or remedial steps you can take for poor circulation.

Squats are one of the most functional and practical movements that translate to other lifts and real life.

Greater bone mineral density and less chance of breaking a bone

Stronger core musculature to prevent lower-back pain and injury

Fast running speeds across short and long distances… for all those times you’re chasing a suddenly lightening-fast toddler!

The key with any exercise is to have good form, and perform the movement properly so if you don’t have a trainer, pop over to YouTube and ensure you know exactly what it should look and feel like.

Ass to the grass, ladies!


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