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The First Week Back

The first step back into work after taking the time off to bring a brand new human into the world, can be a daunting one. So many questions, mainly related to or around the question; can you cut it? I’m here to tell you, you can. The guilt, the pick ups the drop offs, the sleep deprivation all over again oh and of course, the job! How you’re gonna perform now that you’re a mum, are people going to think you’re slacking because you leave as soon as the clock hits 5.30. Are people going to get irritated when you have to work from home one day because your bub has picked up their first (and far from the last) illness at daycare. So many questions. No answers until you walk through that door.

But you’re strong. Life is all about the curve balls and this is just one in a long line. You’ve got this. But to ease you in, we’ve pulled together some top mum tips on styling.

First week back is not only daunting, it’s this strange limbo where you will feel more rushed off your feet than ever before. Trust me, this does get easier. You will find your groove before you know it, but until said groove is in the heart, you need to brace yourself and tackle some minor issues, that will have a big impact on the way you feel about your first few days.

What to wear?

How to style your hair?

How to fit it in!

Three seemingly innocuous questions, but for any new mum, you will all know these things have taken a back seat. So why can’t they stay on the backseat where they belong? Because your performance at work will be directly related to how you’re feeling about yourself. If you stroll into the office first day back with milk residue on your shoulder, smashed avocado in your hair and the flats you’ve been kicking around in for the last twelve months, it’s not going to kick-start you out of mummy-mode and into kick-ass career-girl mode.

Fact is you’re two people now and those two peoples’ worlds have collided. So do yourself a favour and just give it some thought. Prepare. Have that first week all planned out and the first week will take you seamlessly from porridge and mashed banana to latte’s and sky rises in a jiffy.


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