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Flu Season: Being Sick & Still Being Mum

As mums we face many hurdles in life, but being sick is definitely a spanner, not easy or enjoyable, in the proverbial works. As I recently found out when I got a dose of seriously strong Laryngitis. It started as a sore throat. Okay, I can handle that. Then within 24 hours I found myself struck with a mother of a headache. That’s cool, that’s why we have pain killers, right?

So I took myself to bed in the assumption a good night’s rest would make me right as rain. That was Sunday night, and boy was I wrong.

Monday morning…

Things took a turn for the worse. I was feeling weak, fragile and dizzy. I dragged my son to daycare and hauled my broken-self to work, only to be sent home. “You look dreadful, Sam.”  And to be fair, I did.

Day two…

Was infinitely worse. Having a partner who starts work extremely early, it’s up to me to do the morning toddler/daycare run. When I woke up shaking, hot and cold and unable to move I have to say I did lay there and wonder…

“What the F do I do now? I can’t keep him home, because I can’t take care of him if I can barely move. I can’t take him to daycare, because I can’t even stand up to get him and myself ready.  Oh, and I don’t have any family within one thousand miles. Fuuuu%k!”

But we manage, do we not? This post doesn’t really have the answers; it’s not like I can give you a kale and spinach smoothie recipe that’ll help you shake the flu. It’s more just a reminder about the importance of being prepared – to have a plan for when you’re taken by surprise, like I was. Usually, I take on anything and everything that gets thrown my way, so I hadn’t ever given it any thought. But a virus can strip you of that superwoman cape whether you like it or not.

So we all need a go-plan!

How will you cope with daycare, doctors, work and all the things that currently run like a well-oiled machine. Those with parents living close by will have a little more leeway to get sick like a normal person. You know; TV, meds, hot chicken soup. So depending on your situation ask yourself: What is your go plan when a virus knocks you on your bee-hind?

Being sick for me resulted in:

  1. Papa Bear taking time off work (He’s self employed, so not ideal)

  2. One of my best friends coming over to help with dinner, bath and bed routine for Baby Thor. This literally saved me from an emotional melt-down.

  3. Work being done intermittently via email

  4. Daycare being my saving grace (I just needed help getting him there)

So, gather your friends. Ask your neighbours. Call on people you can rely on to help. Because tis’ the season for being sick… and it can happen to the best of us.

And though I can’t recommend a magic kale smoothie to prevent all colds, there are some great foods we can eat more of to ensure we strengthen our immune system. You can check out some of them here.



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